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The Science Behind Mood Bloom™ Therapeutic Games - 2Belong

Embrace the Game of Change: 2Belong

Join us in exploring the science behind our innovative therapeutic games. This month, we're turning the spotlight onto 2Belong, an exceptional game that has garnered remarkable feedback from our community providing great clinical implications. Sit tight as we delve into the captivating world of 2Belong and the cognitive science that powers it.

Mood Bloom - The Science Behind 2Belong
Mood Bloom Therapeutic Games - The Science Behind 2Belong

The Essence of 2Belong

2Belong is a creativity-inspiring game designed to uplift and transform your mental health journey. It's not just a game; it's an interactive experience that utilizes the principles of FTP - Facilitating Thought Progression™ to help manage and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. We know you're already familiar with FTP - that science-based therapeutic approach that enhances cognitive flexibility and broadens thought patterns. 2Belong takes these principles and embeds them into an engaging, fun, and meaningful gameplay experience.

Science Meets Creativity

One of the remarkable features of 2Belong is its focus on creative thinking. Research has shown a powerful bi-directional relationship between creative thinking and mood. This means our emotions can influence our creative processes, and our creative processes can likewise influence our emotions. Specifically, creative thinking has been found to improve mood. Creativity also means generating diverse ideas and encouraging the mind to explore multiple pathways, without necessarily judging the practicality of these ideas.

2Belong taps into this science, using gameplay to stimulate creative cognition and thereby help improve mood and reduce negative effects, by enhancing cognitive flexibility and thought progression.

The Power of 2Belong

So, what can you expect when you play 2Belong? You will immerse yourself in a game that fundamentally revolves around expanding your realm of creative thinking through associations, enhancing cognitive flexibility.

2Belong is one of the many therapeutic games available in our Mood Bloom app, a mobile platform that offers scientifically-proven games designed to improve mood and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Each game is carefully crafted to encourage broader, more creative, and faster thinking patterns.

Your Journey, Your Control

At Mood Bloom, we firmly believe in empowering you to take charge of your mental health journey. Our games are tools designed to support you, but remember, the journey is uniquely yours, and seeking professional help is a personal decision.

Play Mood Bloom today and start the transformative impact on your creative cognition. You're not just playing a game, but improving your creative thinking and therefore, all over mental health.

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